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HERO – 2021

16.-18. 7. 2021

The first long-trailed cross-country triathlon in the Czech Republic!!!

Extreme race of individuals with necessary accompaniment during bike leg, and support during run leg!


Šindelová – district Sokolov – Karlovy Vary Region 


RACE CAPACITY: 30 people + accompaniment



The registration starts 1. 10. 2020 – we recognise that the name of the accompaniment may be changed later. In case of this kind of change, please write to komeklub@gmail.com or contact us on phone number: +420 776 057 173.


Schedule – Friday 16. 7.2021:

Registration stand: Wooden patio in the Tajch camp.

-          registration of competitors and their accompaniment: 17,00-19,00

-          trail briefing: 20,00-21,00

-          supper: 20,00 - ?


Schedule – Saturday 17. 7.2021:

-          race briefing: 6,30

-          storing stuff to DEPO: 6,00-6,45

-          START: 7,00

-          results announcement: Sunday 14,30


ENTRY FEE – 850 Kč per competitor includes (34 Euro):

-          refreshment for the competitor during the race

-          gift for the competitor (T-shirt with race logo)

-          refreshment for the competitor after the race

-          refreshment for the competitor’s accompaniment after the race



Timekeeping IS NOT the primary goal of this race!

-          time will be measured with a stopwatch, which will be positioned on the results board near the finish line

-          the results board will be placed in the tent next to the music tent

-          Each competitor or their accompaniment is obliged to record their time after running through the finish line!

-          EACH COMPETITOR MUST RING a BELL while running through the finish line! The bell will be placed in the finish gate!

-          the race is not restricted by time limit!


-          there will be no health personnel for the duration of the HERO race and all competitors take part on their own responsibility!

-          paramedics will be staged at the race base, they will be able to get wherever on the trail within 10-15 minutes

Mandatory equipment – individuals:

-          red coloured race numbers with HERO sign – provided by the organiser, will be released during accreditation on




-          red swimming cap – provided by the organiser, will be released during accreditation on Friday

-          accompaniment – CADDY!

-          we recommend the competitors have mobile phones for emergency purposes

-          mountain bike in good technical condition

-          wetsuit for the swim part

-          undamaged helmet without any traces of former falls

Competence and mandatory equipment of the competitor’s accompaniment:

-          accompaniment/CADDY MUST NOT RIDE ELECTRIC BIKE or any two-track nor multitrack vehicle for transportation

-          red coloured race number with SUP.x sign – two of these will be provided (one is to place on bike and the second one in case the accompaniment is interested in running)

-          accompaniment/CADDY must know all trails and their risky parts!

-          accompaniment/CADDY does not have to take part in the whole bike part. They may use shortcuts or wait for the competitor at intersections.

-          accompaniment/CADDY does not have to take part in the whole run part. They may use trail shortcuts or wait for the competitor at intersections.

-          accompaniment/CADDY may use bike in need of faster transportation during run part

-          accompaniment/CADDY must be equipped with: mobile phone, first aid kit, service kit, the main organiser contact information

-          accompaniment/CADDY secures and passes the competitor’s reflective band and  reflective string (which marks individual rounds) at the entrance to individual race rounds (bike, run). They also take notice of the exact placement of the string and tape. (The tape and the string will be available to pick in DEPO, the stand will be placed in the beginning of the DEPO.)

-          accompaniment/CADDY must respect one-way direction of passage through DEPO while picking up reflective tape and string. See image at the end of this document.


-          race number must be visible; on handlebars of bike, on the front during run

-          Each competitor must record the whole race trail on their watches, or on any other GPS device. The record will be checked by the main organiser after finishing!

-          Each competitor must take on a bracelet (tape) to better control the completed rounds. (to be specified later)


Refreshments during the race will be provided by the organiser.

The refreshments stand will be placed at the dam of Tajch pond. Refreshments after the race will be provided by the organiser (one serving and a drink per competitor). The competitor may wear any amount of layers of clothes, but must not cover the race number during run.


Specification and recommendations


-          HERO competitors and their accompaniment will have their own 12m long bike racks

-          HERO competitors and their accompaniment will have at their disposal waterproof boxes for their equipment in DEPO (useful for cycling shoes, helmet, clothes, running shoes, food)

-          HERO competitors and accompaniment leave DEPO with properly fitted helmet!

Swim – 1900 m – four and a half rounds – left hand around the buoy

in Tajch pond, approximate water temperature from 18 to 22 °C. There will be a kayaker during the swim part.

-          wetsuit is mandatory

-          cap as well – the competitor obtains one during registration

-          safety buoy is ALLOWED (it is not mandatory)

Bike – 70 km – 5 rounds clockwise

You will ride through rough and harsh countryside where you will have to work hard and prove your ability of genuine sports performance.

60 % of the trails is well-maintained, the rest is natural terrain and roads which we made just for this race (and which probably shouldn’t be called roads anyway)!

The round starts with an asphalt road, which turns to the right behind the shooting range, and after approaching Larch grove, you will follow the contour line to the first technically challenging descent. After momentarily relaxing on an asphalt road, the real trail begins – up and up it goes!

Heading to the peak, you will go through technically challenging 25% ascension, a ford with a bridge, and a free ride without actual paths. After reaching the peak, the trail changes to downhill and you’ll be flying down the hill like a dash. What follows is two technical descents we call Enduro Nutts, and The Snake. After the Snake, there is a ford, and once you drive through it, watch it, MORDOR uphill waits for you! It’s the most difficult ascending of the whole trail, so buck up, whip your thighs really hard, they are gonna burn to ash! Once you beat MORDOR, you may look forward for a reward! That is, descent towards the pond and another round ahead!

-          the trail will be marked with yellow paint, arrows with MTB sign, on the road there will be yellow painted arrows with MTB sign. Also, white-red striped streamers will be used near borderline

-          MTB in good technical condition only! (will be checked by the main organiser Jakub Merle and by the mechanic)

-          front and rear light is mandatory in dusk

-          we recommend that competitors carry a mobile phone for emergencies!

-          tires with a coarse pattern are recommended in case of rain

-          passage to another round is always along the concrete panel and asphalt road in Tajch camp; you will pass DEPO on the left side. See the map bellow.

Run – 21 km: 3 rounds counter-clockwise

You may have thought you experienced everything, but you’ll see you were totally wrong!

The run starts easy like the bike, piece of cake. There will be some asphalt road and then you run along the contour line to technical downhill. You’ll think, “I know it here, I’ve ridden it on the bike!“ That’s right, the bike and run part cross at some point.

After running the asphalt down, you turn left in the Rose Valley, more asphalt for 100 m, turn to the gravel road and right through the bush under a tree. A ford awaits you, then there is a short but challenging uphill, until suddenly there is the first real ascending along a former miners trail! You will crawl up to the top and beware, your calves will be on fire! But you’re finally there! Jindřichovice basalt quarry is what you’ll be looking at! Run around the quarry, dive into the forest and you will be alone, there will be no paths, no people and no mobile service! Just you and the wild nature around you.

After less than 3 kilometres, and one steep downhill, you turn to another ford. Then you’ll see a turnoff to somewhere you really don’t want to follow! That’ll be The STRAW Climb: 150 metres long, 30% gradient! This is the right time to invent new swear-words fitting to the organisers, yourself and basically everyone. Once you pass this part of trail, it’s going to be easy-peasy. Let's head to Šindelová, to the next round or the finish line!

-          the trail will be marked with yellow colour, arrows with a RUN sign, RUN signs painted in yellow on the road. Also, white-red striped streamers will be used near borderline

-          high-quality cross-country running shoes are recommended

-          we also recommend basic equipment for long distance, i. e. running vest with water, warm clothes

-          accompaniment is not mandatory, but we recommend there is one for participation, or in case of checking on stuff

-          Course of each round: turnoff to Larch grove; asphalt road: you come from the Šindelová shooting range and turn to the left, continue on the asphalt road around a football field (PARKING) and then to another round

-          Finish line: run from the shooting range towards Šindelová, on your left hand there is a turnoff to Larch grove, continue straight to the DEPO! There will be visible signs.

-          After accreditation of all competitors on Friday 16. 7.

-           2021, we will walk through this part together and show all that is important there.


-          Swim: 4 and a half rounds – counted by the organiser/kayaker. Each competitor gets an orange swimming cap – it is MANDATORY to wear it during the swim!

-          MTB: 5 rounds – the competitor will be given a reflective band by the accompaniment / CADDY. Road grade approx. 1900 m and more

-          Run: 3 rounds – the competitor will be given a reflective string on their neck by the accompaniment/CADDY. Road grade approx. 570 m and more



BIKE – 5 rounds: during entering each round the accompaniment gets a reflective band which will be passed to the competitor. The band is to be placed on the handlebars or on the seat tube.

RUN – 3 rounds: entering each round the accompaniment gets a reflective string which will be passed to the competitor. The competitor must wear this string on their neck.



-          in May 2021

The date, place and time will be specified to all who are registrated by mail at least a month ahead!

The conjoint trail drive through will take place in any weather!


In case of any more questions, please contact us.

IF THERE IS ANY INFORMATION MISSING, please contact us by mail or phone!

Thank you in advance, Jakub Merle, the Main Organiser


Contact list / language:


CZ, GER: Jakub Merle +420 776 057 173

CZ, GER: Jaromír Kohout +420 213 168

CZ, GER, EN: Jindra Volný +49 170 330 1785